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The patented Thermo Care Cut® scissors are special scissors with blades that heat up electrically. The scissors are specially designed for split ends treatment or control: The goal is hair that is healthier and looks well cared for. You can feel it and see the difference immediately after use.

After the first application with Thermo Care Cut®, split ends are sealed, split ends can be permanently removed and the formation of new split ends is prevented or completely avoided. Regular treatment ensures the preservation of nutrients in the hair, the hair gains strength and vigor which has a positive effect on hair volume. The natural color brilliance of the hair and the durability of hair colors is significantly improved.
At the same time, hair in general is strongly influenced and stressed by the environment, Thermo Care Cut® offers an optimal way to protect hair from this by sealing the hair tip.

No, the hair is sealed only by heat. This gives it almost the original condition that a new hair has when it grows out of the scalp: the tip of the hair is sealed and as a result behaves like a young new hair. This sealing of the hair preserves the natural moisturizing and conditioning substances in the hair.

If you want to grow your hair long, it should not only proceed as quickly as possible, but the hair should of course be beautiful all the way to the tips. This is what Thermo Care Cut® can do: the special scissors do not remove length, but seal the part of the hair that is particularly vulnerable – the tips. This prevents them from becoming brittle and split. A cut with Thermo Care Cut® helps to drastically reduce the hair breakage that is often feared with long hair. This allows the hair to grow healthy and grow in length without the usual side effects such as the formation of split ends, drying out or losing shine.

We recommend an interval of 4 – 6 weeks, because with regular application your hair will be at its most beautiful. Thermo Care Cut® keeps re-sealing the ends of the hair. The bonding substance stays in your hair and it does not become thin, brittle and split. The hair is strengthened and conditioned to the tips. Your certified Thermo Care Cut® salon will give you a recommendation on which cutting interval is optimal for your specific hair.

The time required for a cut with Thermo Care Cut® is the same as for a conventional haircut. The cutting, the sealing of the hair ends and the finish is done in just one step.

The existing hair length is not important when it comes to a Thermo Care Cut®. Both short and long hair is equally well sealed. The beneficial effect of the patented scissors is the same for both short and long hair.
So you can get a haircut for a short hairstyle as well as a long hairstyle from your certified Thermo Care Cut® salon.

If you look at a hair under the microscope, you will see that the cut point of a haircut with normal hairdressing scissors is open and rougher in direct comparison to a Thermo Care Cut® cut point. The sealing makes it very smooth and closed. The hair keeps in all the substances and the tip is much better protected.

The temperature of the Thermo Care Cut® is safe. The scissors are only gently heated and perfectly adapted to the condition, type and structure of your hair. There are different treatments depending on what your hair needs. Your certified Thermo Care Cut® salon will be able to tell you exactly which one is right for you, based on your hair type.


An application with the Thermo Care Cut® seals the tip, split ends can be removed in a targeted manner and the formation of new split ends is prevented. Weak and brittle hair can retain moisture and nutrients again, and consequently regains strength, sturdiness and elasticity.

Yes, a Thermo Care Cut® is just the right treatment for split ends. Split ends means that the ends of your hair are dry, brittle and fragile. By cutting split ends with the special scissors from Thermo Care Cut®, your hair is sealed with its own keratin and no longer dries out.

Yes, Thermo Care Cut® Treatment is also good for thin hair. For thin hair, it is important that the bonding substance remains in the hair, so that in the long term the hair gains strength and power, but also regains elasticity. Thermo Care Cut® seals thin hair and with regular use makes it stronger, because it stops the hair ends from drying out and the conditioning substances remain in the hair.

Yes, you can have all hairstyles done that would otherwise be possible with your particular hair with the patented Thermo Care Cut® scissors. Your local certified Thermo Care Cut® salon will be happy to consult you.

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Yes, since for Thermo Care Cut® the cause of stressed hair is not important. The patented scissors seal each stressed hair and help to strengthen the tips permanently. The hair looks well cared for all the way to the tips. The multi-active bonding substance remains in the hair when using Thermo Care Cut®. So it doesn’t dry out and it is protected from exposure to the environment. Thanks to these properties, Thermo Care Cut® is the optimal treatment even for chemically treated hair.