3D-Render eines Haares mit Spliss

Scientifically effective.

Scientifically effective.
Tested and proven.

The protection provided by the Thermo Care Cut® is created with heat that is beneficial to the hair. You feel the effect immediately. This is even confirmed by an expert opinion. Your hair is completely healed without chemicals. For this reason, for example, hair stylists of celebrities trust this method.

Der Schutz durch den Thermo Care Cut® entsteht mit Wärme.

Hair under stress.

Hair is under constant strain. Chemically by using unsuitable care products or dyeing. Mechanically due to brushing, combing, blow-drying or straightening incorrectly. The temperature and UV rays of the sun also attack the hair. This causes the bonding substance to dry out. The spaces between the fiber layers from the hair root to the hair tip receive less of the body’s own moisturizing substances. As a result, the hair loses shine, volume and bounce. Already starting at shoulder length, it can then be weak, thin and brittle at the tips. These problems are almost always caused by split ends. But the Thermo Care Cut® solves them all.